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Tricycles for Kids: Top Consumer Choices

The following guide contains honest reviews of 5 brand tricycles designed specifically for toddlers. The in-depth reviews are based on a number of factors, as well as the combined customer feedback taken from major online retailers. We sincerely believe that this comprehensive review will allow you to make a better decision when it comes to selecting a tricycle that has got both — a solid construction, and an eye-catching design.

Joovy Tricycoo Children & Toddler Tricycle

• For children as young as 18 months and up to 44 pounds.
• Fold down footrest and removable baby surround arms provide stability to a younger child.
• The push handle can be removed; the height can be adjusted from 32.5″ to 38″.
• Wheels are injection molded with urethane treads, rolls quietly on most floors.
• The pedal lock can be unlocked or locked to allow your child to freewheel or pedal by themselves.
• Add-ons: the bucket on the back and a bell.

What the customers are saying

Amongst some of the advantages of this tricycle is that it is easy to handle, and that it runs smoothly. The assembly is easy and can be done quickly. It is durable and good looking, and even although it does not have any flashy decorations it is nevertheless attractive to the eye. The removable footrest works quite well: you have to pull down on it in order to unlock it and let the kid ride on his/her own, or you can set it in a down position for a kid to rest his/her feet on. However, the footrests may be uncomfortable to use: some buyers deem that they are placed too far away. Also, the major downside to safety is that the child can override the adults steering by turning the handlebars hard enough; then it becomes difficult to keep the tricycle on a straight path. Furthermore, some question the functionality of the parent’s steering handle: it is a bit wiggly and irresponsive due to small sizing. Additionally, your kid’s physical characteristics come into play: please be aware that the tricycle will be uncomfortable for 40+ pounds, 3+ yr. olds.

Razor Rip-Rider 360 Drifting Ride-On

• 3-piece crank.
• Welded all steel frame and fork.
• MX-Style handlebar with rubber grips.
• Dual inclined casters allow resistance-free drifting and spinning action.
• Double crown fork design.
• Front wheel with pneumatic tire.
• Weight: 20 pounds.
• Assembled Dimensions: 38 x 24 x 24 inches.
• Recommended for children aged 5 and up; 6-month warranty.

What the customers are saying

While being mostly about fun and racing, the Razor Rip-Rider 360 also has got a few drawbacks to it. To begin with, your kid’s height should be taken into the account, as there is no way to adjust the tricycle’s seat should your kid be a couple of inches shorter than it is necessary for a comfortable riding experience. Although the merchant has no recommendations for height, it is optimal for kids aged 5-10 yrs., and taller than 45 inches. On the bright side, the tricycle is stable (steel frame), and perfectly withstands crashes and bumps without the need to be repaired. Furthermore, doing 360-spins is something most kids have only dreamt about! Amongst other benefits are the attractive and simple design, and resistance-free drifting due to dual inclined casters.

Little Tikes 3 in 1 Trike

• 3 stages to grow with a child – Parent Push Trike, Parent Guided Trike and Kid Powered Trike.
• Seat adjusts to 4 positions to fit almost any size child, 5 point seat belt harness and protective safety bar.
• Adjustable, detachable push handle, push handle lets parent control direction with 1 hand.
• Non-slip pedals and footrests fold away and detach.
• Durable metal/plastic construction, extra large storage bucket with dumping feature and convenient beverage holder.

What the customers are saying

The Little Tikes 3-in-1 Trike certainly appeals to kids and in overall is a fun ride, however not without a number of serious drawbacks to it. The number one observation that had made the customers doubt their choice is the relatively unstable construction, and this affects both the frame and the plastic tires. Moreover, the quality of steering is not top-notch according to some of the buyers, as the push bar handle cannot be tightly gripped on. Nevertheless, the tricycle does turn well, with only minimal swerving. Amongst the pros are the ability to adjust the tricycle and the relatively easy assembly process. Some other things that the customers noted included the impracticality of the sun shade, especially in a windy setting, and the slipping of the shoulder straps.

Ertl John Deere Mighty Trike

• Steel frame.
• Adjustable seat and handlebars.
• Air filled tires on steel wheels.
• New twist on the traditional Big Wheel.
• Front tire measures 13 inches from top to bottom.

What the customers are saying

Surely, judging by its looks the John Deere Mighty Trike is best suitable for boys rather than girls: it is cool and heavy! The tricycle has positive reviews from multiple buyers, with some meriting its sturdy construction that will outlast any plastic ride-on toy, while others liked the easy handling and adjustable seat. A precaution for a solid trike like this one is to be aware of the sharp turns, as the ‘beast’ is not that stable and will roll-over. Additionally, the assembly of the trike will require some extra time, as the instructions are not as clear as you’d want them to be. Other than that it is one of the better tricycles on the market that you would want to go after.

Radio Flyer 12 inch Classic Red Tricycle

• The sturdy steel design and rubber tires make this tricycle durable and easy to ride.
• Chrome bell and handle tassels are fun and stylish.
• A controlled turning radius and low center of gravity make this tricycle easy for little ones to ride.
• This Tricycle won Parents Choice Classic Award, Parents Guide to Children’s Media Award, The National parenting Centers Seal of Approval.

What the customers are saying

According to the customer reviews, some of the mentioned features of this tricycle have failed to live up to the parents expectations. To begin with, this Classic Red Tricycle is indeed fun and stylish, with one of the best ringing bells mounted on it. It has a sturdy steel construction, with rubber tires absorbing the damage from bumps and crashes. However, first things first, you have got to consider your child’s height: some of the 2-yr old kids in 80-90’th percentile for their height were actually too short for this tricycle! Moreover, ‘a controlled turning radius’ is somewhat small, and your child will most likely tip over on most of the turns that are not even considered dangerous. Additionally, judging from the tricycle’s looks it does not have a low center of gravity; quite the opposite, your child will be positioned very high in relation to the base, which will also play against you in the safety department. Customer reviews made it easy to figure out that there were buyers who absolutely loved it, and then there were the ones who were completely displeased with the purchase. To sum up, it is a stylish ride for the most part, however it loses its ‘fun’ attribute when it boils down to the handling of the tricycle and the level of comfort.

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